Computer Repairs

Laptop and Desktop Computer Repairs

We repair all brands of laptop and desktop computers. Whether you need parts replaced, software installed or viruses removed, we can help get your computer back in service.

Tablets and iPads

We can repair tablets and iPads. Some parts are not available and less expensive tablets may not be economical to repair. Call us or come in and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Data Recovery

We can often recover data from what seems to be unusable hard drives, memory cards, dvds or cds. If your files, photos, videos, etc. seem to have disappeared, don’t panic bring us what you have and we may be able to help.


New parts are available for most computers. Some manufacturers will use non-standard parts sometimes. If a new part is not available we will offer you a quality used part. Of course used parts still come with a warranty and we only use parts that we feel will last.


We guarantee our repairs for 90 days. If your computer needs the same hardware repair again within 90 days we will do it at no charge or give a refund if we determine it is not worth repairing.


We take an upfront payment retainer of $25.00. It does apply to your final bill, however it is not refundable. This means that once you decide to leave your equipment with us we will ask for payment this payment will apply to your total payment upon completion; for example: If the total of your repair would be $61, you would only owe us an additional $36 when you come to pick up your equipment. We recommend that you approve a certain minimum estimate when the computer is brought in for repair. The estimate given is the least amount that we know a particular type of repair will likely cost. This allows us to repair the computer the first time we work on it if it is at or below that amount. If after looking at the computer we determine that it will cost more, we will contact you. You will be able to approve the higher amount or decline the repair. If you choose to decline the repair, there will be no additional charge.